Monday, May 17, 2010

Braided Tiara!

Part out a circle in the middle of the hair.

Secure rubberband around piece. With hair surrounding pony start a french braid. When you normally pick up a piece from the inside you will now grab a piece from the pony tail. Keep picking up from the outside and from the pony to circle the braid around the pony.

Once finished with the braid keep braiding even if hair is longer then the circle.

Where you started the braid pull it back to see a pocket that will automatically be there.

Tuck remaining braid in that pocket.

You may want to use a bobby pin where you tucked it in just to make sure it's secure.

And there you have it! Your little princess!

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  1. you should post a video on youtube how to do this. if you do, can you let me know on my email: