Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fancy it Up!

Part hair on right or left side. On the side with the most hair create 4 small pony tails.

*Optional, topsy tail each of the 6 pony tails.

With the ends of the ponied pieces create 3 new pony tails about 2 inches down, depending on hair length. The middle 2 ponies will devide in half.

Topsy those pieces.

Create 2 more ponies. The middle one will devide in half.

Braid one all the way down and corkscrew the other one all the way down and secure with a rubberband.

On the other side of the head part diagonally from ear to the par you had at the end of the 4th ponytail.

Secure with rubberband and topsy.


Pretty Pretty!!