Thursday, April 15, 2010

Topsy that Braid!!

Part top section of hair into six smaller sections and put rubberbands loosely.

Topsy tail each of the 6 sections.

Place rubberband about 2 inches down around 2 of the previous sections.

The previous 6 sections should now be 3.

Topsy tail each of these sections now.

Have Child hold the topsy tailed pieces of hair.

French braid bottom half of hair and tuck ends facing up.

Bring topsy tailed pieces back over braid and split middle one so that half of it goes to the right and the other half goes to the left. Topsy those pieces. Now put the last section into a rubberband and topsy the final piece.

Gather all hair in a rubber band and flip the bottom part to the top...and there you have it!!

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Don't forget the bow!

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  1. Hey I just looked at your family blog and let me tell you, you guys are a PRETTY family. I also loved the pictures of your kids with the flower background. Those are so darn cute. And do you also do your own flower clips for your daughters or do you buy them cuz they are beautiful?